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  • Blue Ridge Farm Sorghum
  • Real Sorghum, Made In U.S.A
  • Naturally Grown Sorghum
  • Not A Blend
  • No Preservatives, No Additives

Sweet  Sorghum is made from 100 percent pure, natural juice extracted from  sorghum cane. The juice is concentrated by evaporation into a clear,  amber colored, mild flavored sorghum syrup. The Sorghum  retains all of its natural  sugars and other nutrients. It is 100 percent natural and contains no  chemical additives of any kind.

Sorghum contains hard-to-find nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium. Before the invention of the daily vitamins, many doctors prescribed  sorghum as a daily supplement for those low in these nutrients.

The  versatility of sorghum is being rediscovered by today's nutrition  conscious homemakers. Use sorghum on your  pancakes, biscuits or toast, as a topping for your ice cream or in  Grandmas' treasured recipes for ginger snaps or ginger bread. Sorghum  is a  great ingredient to add into you homemade breads and can be substituted  cup for cup in any recipe that calls for molasses, honey, corn syrup or  maple syrup. Sorghum is a nutritious flavoring, a  seasoning ingredient and a sugar substitute. It is that secret  ingredient that gives any food that delicious taste and aroma that  spells H-O-M-E-M-A-D-E.

Store at 59-79 Degrees F at all Times.

Pure Sorghum Can Crystallize Like Honey

To Liquify Place in Hot Water 200 Degrees F Till Liquified Again.