SKU: 4323-5423

3.5 Oz. Unwrapped Bars

This exotic and unforgettable evening Jasmine soap bar will leave you smelling wonderful and fresh. French milled means a rich, thick lather that will make you feel simply luxurious.

These soaps are naturally produced in Australia and are French milled, made from food grade ingredients and have fabulous fragrances.

A natural French Milled product is the only type of soap bar that is long lasting and will not dissolve with use or get soft and tacky.

(The bar is compressed into a hard bar and the process has removed the air pockets found in poured soaps).

Milling the ingredients into a paste produces a richer and creamier lather.

The French milling process also creates a better value bar.

If you have never used a French milled soap bar made from natural high quality food grade ingredients you will be amazed at the difference.

They are creamy, seem last long time and do not dry out your skin.

These Craft soaps are an excellent value.