SKU: 577-1034-1EA
  • Variety pack of two 16 oz. wide mouth easy pour plastic jars: (1) Blackstrap Molasses + (1) Supreme Baking Molasses
  • Ideal in cookies, muffins, pies, cakes and more
  • Choose your favorite variety for your recipes - adds color, sweetness and moisture
  • Rich distinctive flavor - natural, unsulfured

Two 16 oz. wide mouth easy pour plastic jars of Golden Barrel Molasses: (1)
Blackstrap + (1) Supreme Baking. This molasses is made from juice extracted
sugar cane, then boiled, filtered and evaporated to the consistency of sweet
mellow syrup, rich brown in color and uniquely tart-sweet in flavor. This is a
sulfur free molasses which is delicious for baking and candy making. No
preservatives are used in the process or added to the product.