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The Best Fishwrapper Stories from 1999 - 2003Try to read this book without bursting into laughter or shedding a few tears   along the way. It is next to impossible. A bit of humor, some common sense, and   a ton of thought provoking ideas are sure to keep you entertained. It is filled   with truly miraculous happenings along with ordinary everyday events of life   with which you can relate.   The title of our publication, The Fishwrapper, is derived from an old practice   of wrapping fish in newspaper. Over time, the term fishwrapper caught   hold as a slant toward the newspaper itself, indicating that it was good enough   for wrapping fish but not much else. A comment like, I bet you saw that in the   fishwrapper meant, I doubt what you are saying is fact. To us, the moniker   indicates good humor and sensible stories with a moral. We tell our readers if   they want to wrap fish in The Fishwrapper when theyre finished reading it, go   right ahead. Most people reject that idea, and choose rather to pass it along to   someone else.   This collection from almost one hundred and twenty issues of The Fishwrapper,   has been selected and arranged in such a way that it can be enjoyed by   the casual reader, or used as reference material. Whether you are someone needing   a jump start on a topic, an illustration to clarify a point, or some humor to   break the ice, you will find this book to be an asset. The stories are compiled and   categorized into subjects, and indexed by key words. This book makes a great   gift for speakers, Sunday school teachers, event planners, ministers, or family   and friends. Grand Ole Fishwrapper Stories (Volume I) includes over seven   hundred stories, together with a variety of poems, quotes, and puzzles.   May your life be enriched and your heart enlarged.ISBN 970-0-9655684-6-2388 Pages. Hardcover.