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  • A Compilation of Over 1300 Recipes
  • Revised Edition
  • The Basics & More Cookbook has many delicious recipes for everyday cooking as well as a number of nutritious recipes that can feed a family.

The Basics and More Cookbook.... Now in its 60th. printing is bursting with over 1300 basic recipes that use basic ingredients. The cookbook has 24 categories, many which are divided into subcategories, so you can find recipes more easily. The first category offers breakfast choices like Fluffy Cheese Omelets, Breakfast Burritos, Whole Wheat Pancakes and Granola. Choose from 38 different soups for lunch. Will it be Thick Chili, Broccoli Cheese Soup or Chicken Chowder? Take your pick from over 75 different salads. Add a Beef Bar-B-que sandwich or a Taco Burger. Top it off with a slice of Apple, Peach Or Raspberry Cream Pie. For the evening meal treat your family to a Garden Vegetable Stir Fry, an easy Hamburger Skillet or a Ham and Asparagus Casserole. If you prefer meat and potatoes, try our Savory Sweet Roast or Swiss Steak along with Gourmet Cheese Potatoes and Peas with Mushrooms and Onions. Dessert choices include cheesecakes, pies, puddings, fruit desserts, cakes, cookies, and bars. COOKING IS FUN!- just stick with the basics!