SKU: 4772-6585
  • 8" Black Fine Tooth Stainless Steel Pin Tail Comb
  • Made with Nitrile Rubber
  • Can be Wet or Dry Sterilized
  • Excellent Combination of Rigidity and Flexibility
  • Will Not Absorb Sterilization Solution, Germs, Conditioners, Shampoos, Oils, Water, Etc.

Specialty Professional Combs

These 100% Professional combs can be sterilized and are packaged, as such, in a chemically inert all-purpose disposable container.

Manufactured exclusively from Nitrile Rubber- a 100% profession material.

Every Pin Tail is of the highest quality stainless steel, thereby ensuring lasting lustre.

Teeth are perfectly matched to eliminate drag split ends or scratching.

Color: Black. Each Dozen Comes In A Plastic Box.