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Fructose (Crystalline Fructose)

Fructose (Crystalline Fructose)

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  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Enhances Other Sweeteners
  • No Aftertaste
  • Use for Baking, Canning and in Jams And Jellies

  Find out how sweet high performance is with crystalline fructose. The sweetest of all nutritive sugars, it provides excellent sweetness and flavor profiles, thanks to a bland, clean flavor and no aftertaste. Crystalline fructose provides intense sweetness for just the right flavor in a variety of applications, including, Beverages, Baked goods,  Frozen foods, Cereal, Dairy products, Reduced-calorie foods, Canned fruits, Toppings and sauces, Jams and jellies. Though fructose occurs naturally in fruits and other products, the high-quality ingredient is manufactured from corn, after processing a corn starch slurry. But this sweeteners advantages dont stop with the benefits it gets from nature.   Add Less for More Flavor. Crystalline fructoses intense sweetness lets you use less of it than other products to create reduced-calorie and healthy foods and beverages. Its highly sweet flavor is perceived very quickly, without being overpowering. Combined with other sweeteners, crystalline fructose complements and enhances their flavors, letting you  reduce sweetener solids in your formulations without losing your preferred flavor profile. Paired with flavors like cinnamon, cocoa, and even savory seasonings, crystalline fructose enhances and brings their tastes to a peak. It also offers the advantage of masking off-flavors from highintensity sweeteners. Low Glycemic Index.Crystalline fructose also provides the added health benefit of a low Glycemic Index, particularly compared to other products. This allows you to create great-tasting, healthy foods and beverages that are formulated with carbohydrates for energy, yet are still reduced calorie. Crystalline fructoses intense sweetness lets you add it at low levels for low calorie loads. Convenient Crystalline Fructose is a dry product, easy to handle and store. Its dry form also means none of the messy cleanups associated with liquid sweeteners. Crystalline Fructose KEY BENEFITS:  Intense sweetness allows use at lower levels,  Low glycemic index, Enhances other sweeteners, Clean, bland flavor with no aftertaste, Extends shelf life. 

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